Dream The Future!

Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things: technologies that drive Digital Transformation. The ‘Dream the Future’ concept in the new Microsoft office gives you the opportunity to experience these innovative technologies. Nimbuz, also known as Cronos Microsoft Solutions, invites you to visit our booth and try out the different demo’s.

10 years ago, Peter Hinssen wrote a book called ‘Digital is the New Normal’. In that book he predicted that by now, technology will shift from work to live. That’s the reason why Nimbuz decided to design a living room instead of an office space.

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Experience 1 : Registration and demo request app

This mobile application is build on the PowerApps platform. Visitors to the booth which did not yet register themselves can do so via the mobile interface. Furthermore, if visitors are interested in a guided tour to get a detailed explanation of the demo setups, this can be requested via the PowerApp as well. The app integrates other Microsoft technologies like Azure AI Facial recognition services and connects in the back-end to Dynamics 365 and Office 365. As a true leader in the Mobile Low-Code Platform segment, all of this is done without practically any coding!

PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Dynamics 365, Office 365, Microsoft Bookings, Azure AI Facial Recognition Services, Azure Logic Apps

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Experience 2 : Liquid Monitor powered by Custom Vision API

The liquid monitor will recognize the volume of liquid in the cylinder which is placed on the table in the middle of the demo setup room. You can take a picture in the Mobile Application which will be sent to the Azure Custom Vision API in order to analyse the contents of the cylinder. The service will first detect where the cylinder is located in the picture, afterwards will crop out the cylinder and finally analyse the volume of liquid in the cylinder.

Azure Cognitive Services

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Experience 3 : Augmented Reality Experience

This in-app experience contains several reference images which can be detected by the mobile application when it’s in the AR mode. When one of these reference points is detected, the app displays an informational description in AR.


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Experience 4 : Power BI Live Data Stream

With this Live Power BI dashboard, users can see the status of sensors in a Lab environment. The sensors capture information like temperature, CO2 level, movement. An Azure Event Hub constantly reads from this environment. At the same time, Power BI reads the data from the Azure Event Hub and sends the information to the Power BI service where it’s displayed in a Power BI dashboard.

Microsoft Power BI and Azure Event Hub

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Experience 5 : Walkthrough in Mixed Reality

A lot of neat technology can be seen here around you, in Mixed Reality. To make sure you don't miss a thing, we are adding holographic callouts to the objects in the living room you might want to know more about. Look for some shiny virtual objects in this physical space to start exploring what we're doing with technology at Cronos.

Microsoft Hololens, Windows Mixed Reality

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Experience 6 : Doorbell with facial recognition

This doorbell application is powered by Azure AI Facial recognition services. Visitors of our booth who have registered themselves will be recognized when presenting themselves. This cloud service will not only recognize people, but also present an accuracy level, mood of the person getting recognized, sex, age, … This cloud services can be injected in existing applications…

Azure AI Facial Recognition Services

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Experience 7 : Smart Home Voice Assistant

The Smart Home Voice Assistant is an Intelligent Personal Digital Assistant using Azure AI Voice Command Technology. Visitors of our booth can ask Cortana to turn on the lights in the room, play some music or tell them more about the technologies they can experience in our booth. Furthermore, our Voice Assistant can tell you more about what’s scheduled for the rest of the day and give information about the different companies behind the demo’s you’ll be able to experience.

Cortana, Bing Speech, Bot Framework, LUIS

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